Who designed The Safe Space Movement website?

Tim Wade might be relinquishing my management share of control of The Safe Space Movement over to Daniel Light (DJ Billy Daniel Bunter) and his more-than-capable self and fast-growing team of mental health experts. Kindly bear with the video for yet another video “My Story” of why it’s so important. And a videocast of Amber and Dan discussing The Safe Space Movement and what it means.

“I wish Dan and the whole team every success for what we’ve created and pretty much donated our entire summer to perfecting.

I’m positive Safe Space Movement has the best possible foundation online with the Safe Space Movement website and its future Google position upon launch – both for the Movement and anything it cares to write and publish content about. I’ve offered to aid Dan and his chosen team in its SEO and future direction, wherever I can, from a more relaxed and more informal distance as winter snowboarding season approaches – it’s a great thing we’ve founded!”

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