Extreme Sports Holidays by NeveFest Ski & Snowboard

Extreme Sports Holidays and all associated extreme sports, ski or snowboard holiday optional extras, can be self-built across the NeveFest Extreme Sports website. NeveFest Extreme Sports Holidays is aiming to be the leading ski, snowboard and Extreme Sports tour operator; now introducing our own Music Festival events to some of Europes top ski and snowboard resorts, and other Extreme Sports holiday destinations.

Our experienced team of expert travel consultants and Extreme Sports professionals can create amazing and bespoke tailor-made holidays for individuals, families and groups – to amazing destinations; perfectly advertising hotel accommodation across Europe and the world.

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Timothy Wade

Tim Wade is a seasonaire Semi-Pro Snowboarder & Web Publicity Professional & Lifestyle/PT/Sports Coach geared to best present your business organisation to affluent audiences in the skiing resorts of Italy, Switzerland and France: https://www.linkedin.com/in/timwadesnowboarder/