COVID, COVID-19 or Coronavirus

COVID/COVID-19/Coronavirus has had a huge impact on the country and its people. Safe Space Movement are aware of that and have also been personally affected by the negative affects the pandemic has had on the mental and physical health of the country. To that end, Safe Space Movement wants everyone to know that no one has to be alone, no one has to go through anything alone.

From having to quarantine, abide by lockdown rules, engage in social distancing, wear masks, everything has changed. Did anyone know what 2 meters looked like in January? 2020 has introduced a new way of living and it has the potential to be a very lonely, depressing and anxiety-inducing place. The terminology is hard-hitting too; lockdown/social distancing/social isolation. The country fell silent on Monday, March 23rd 2020. Everything was closed or close to it and all plans were cancelled.

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Timothy Wade

Tim Wade is a seasonaire Semi-Pro Snowboarder & Web Publicity Professional & Lifestyle/PT/Sports Coach geared to best present your business organisation to affluent audiences in the skiing resorts of Italy, Switzerland and France: