Facebook are complete idiots with their Facebook bans and Facebook jail

Facebook bans from Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook anti-Social Network full of complete Nazi’s can basically go and fuck themselves, along with their Community Standards that seem to change daily, alongside their team of Facebook Gestapo and Facebook Police.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I was confronted with this as “hate speech” after chatting with an American girl about the ski lifts being shut in Italy and France for an entire ski season:

Banned from Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg and his idiot fascist Facebook Police

It seems we are not even allowed the free speech now to call our own politicians idiots and any comment mentioning another country is open to an immediate ban for “hate speech” and not following their exhaustive and completely ambiguous “Community Standards”. Social Network; my arse.

I stand exactly by my word – the Italian and French governments were complete idiots for closing the Italian and French ski resorts for the whole season, with Italian politicians freely banning any movement in the country, yet hypocritically Conte attending the Bahrain Grand Prix and for Easter weekend opening up travel to airports so Italians could spend all their money in Spain. Whilst nobody could spend the Easter break spending their money in Italy and helping the Italian economy.

If the “idiot politicians”, “idiot Zuckerberg” and “idiot Gestopo, Nazi bastard admins at Facebook” had half a brain in their heads and actually read what was actually written about them (and what I wrote), they’d realise the whole world agrees! It’s obvious from my comment it was a joke from the “LOL” at the end, and very far from “hate speech”.

But then, when they hold San Remo and spend hundreds of thousands of Euros on it, when all their own countrymen/women are being made unemployed, homeless and more destitute by the day – they might wake up and realise what a “complete bunch of fucking idiots” they actually are.

Here’s a picture of today’s Giro d’Italia for the complete idiocy facing the population of Italy. After 16 months of Covid lockdown, masks, social distancing, bars and restaurants closed, etc etc – look what idiot politicians allow to happen. Yet we’re not free to call them idiots. Fuck off:

Mark Zuckerberg - ginger cunt

Two more things to say – “Mark Zuckerberg” and “ginger cunt”. That is hate speech you fucking idiot!

And please excuse my French (apologies in advance to any French snowflakes that want to take offense and wet themselves).

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