Wed. May 26th, 2021

KeepKey is the Next Frontier of Crypto Security, another hardware wallet. It also protects your cryptocurrencies, stores your private keys offline, and safeguards your assets from hackers in case you feel it’s time to achieve financial freedom, in the most secure way with KeepKey.

KeepKey offers you:

  • Stress-Free Security: You can generate and manage all of your private keys offline in cold storage – guarded against computer vulnerabilities such as hackers and viruses, whilst utilizing wallet software for safe transactions.
  • Straightforward Backup and Recovery: Each device generates a 12-word recovery sentence during initialization that can be used to retrieve your private keys. Have peace of mind that your funds are secure, even if you lose or break your KeepKey.
  • Sleek and Simple Display: The large display gives clarity to every digital asset sent and received on your device. Each transaction must be manually approved using the confirmation button, giving you control and visibility over your transactions.
  • Effortless Exchanges: Quickly exchange cryptocurrencies via the ShapeShift integration, directly from your wallet.

It also offers:

  • PIN protection against unauthorized use
  • Additional passphrase protection
  • Customizable transaction speeds
  • Limitless wallet addresses on one device

Find out more about KeepKey by clicking here

If you have any comments or questions, then please do not hesitate to contact Tim Wade.

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