Ski hire and COVID at NeveFest ski resorts

We would like to give you some information regarding NeveFest’s ski hire and our commitments regarding the current health situation.
1 ) Respect of health conditions due to the COVID 19
You can reassure your clients about the fact that our ski hire shops will respect the health regulations that will be prevailing (masks for the staff, disinfection of equipment and in particular helmets and boots, social distance, etc…).
At the moment a protocol that summarises all the measures that will be taken is being written by our Union Sport & Cycle in France.  All our ski hire shops in France will have to respect this charter.

The protocol should be ready in October and we’ll be happy to send it to you when it’s ready.

Similar protocols will be issued for countries outside of France and in particular in Austria, Switzerland and Italy, for those interested, we’ll be able to send you all the info when available.

We will also propose new services that will enable your clients to spend as little time as possible in the shop, with optimal health conditions – we will detail these new services to you soon.

2 ) Cancellation policy at our ski hire shops
At the moment, a lot of clients hesitate to book options (ski hire, lift pass) because they don’t know if they will be able to cancel their booking if needed.
Our clients can cancel free of charge their ski rental up to 2 days before arrival, without any document or for any reason.

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