Negotiation in Project Management

Getting a ‘great deal’ is probably something that you have heard many times and negotiation certainly applies to costs in Project Management. But what does it really mean, in practice?

Project Management SystemNowadays, a great deal is definitely a win-win agreement for both sides. Rather than a forced bargain for just one party.

Hence, reaching an agreement means being able to negotiate with others. This is not an easy task and you will certainly need:

  • a good plan to establish the objectives of the negotiation with the other members of that milestones activity group. This can be completely managed in our Project Manager application.
  • an understanding of the economic aspects involved in the negotiation of the deal and of the mutual value sought through the collaboration
  • to define how the collaboration will be managed – this may need to be set out online and may be in written documents. Again can help, with the collation, management, accessibility, storage and amendments of these documents.

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