Recruiters shouldn’t challenge hiring managers on requirements

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    Timothy Wade

    Algirdas Zalatoris, lead tech recruiter for backend engineering at Revolut, once believed that to be a “superstar recruiter,” he’d have to find candidates who” ideally match all 32+ requirements that [hiring managers] come up with initially.” Now he knows this is rarely possible, and he’s more willing to push back against unreasonably stringent requirements.

    “[It’s] all about mutual alignment and reasonable compromises,” he says.

    Colleen Donovan, a senior technical recruiter and talent acquisition leader, says she’s also learned to have tough conversations with her hiring managers upfront, rather than setting out on a wild goose chase.

    “Early in my career, I was afraid to challenge requirements,” she says. “Now I understand how to get to the real business challenge and align that with requirements. It’s not about telling managers that what they are seeking just doesn’t exist, it’s about helping them to open their minds to all of the possible ways they can fill their talent needs and solve business challenges.”

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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