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    Timothy Wade

    Hey and thank you for checking out my website and my forum. I’m not sure how you got here, but I’m so glad you did.

    As those that are following my email marketing will know, I’ve been in the computer networks, web design and search engine optimisation games ever since they were invented, and my own website, NeveFest.com is so high on the top page of Google presently for “hotel publicity” and “advertise your hotel rooms”; that even booking.com has to pay Google AdWords to beat me! If you’d like me to do the same for you or your business, then please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Since the outbreak of Covid (I’m based in Italy so am a bit advanced on lockdowns and their durations; our last was from 1st Oct, all winter and into May 2021), I’ve been studying New World Order and all of the “conspiracy theories” that day by day seems to be coming true. This leads me into the path of keeping our funds secure, safe, investable, transferable – but most of all spendable and untraceable by conventional banks and governments. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it is and so put together a series of emails that talk you both through me and my connected web services and then concentrate on introducing everybody to “Cryptocurrencies and Coins” and all their ins and outs.

    I make no hard sales or recommendations, just put in front of you the best of the information I have found and the companies that I have experience of dealing with – in keeping your money safe and secure. If you have found your way here by means of Facebook or Google and wish to learn more about me and Cryptocurrencies, then please don’t hesitate to look to the right and put your name and email address in the “NWO – Secure Cryptocurrency Info” boxes, and I’ll be happy to guide you through the minefield.

    Once again, thank you for visiting!

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