Extroversion is an essential trait for recruiters

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    Timothy Wade

    One of the biggest misconceptions that persists about recruiting concerns the type of people who make good recruiters.

    recruiters need to be extroverts to be successful,” writes Grant Clough, director of talent acquisition at AARP.

    Isis Abreu, a technical recruiter at Uber, also believed this when she entered the HR field back in 2014.

    “Fast forward, I discovered that recruiting is such a data-driven area that you don’t need to be a good talker, but a good listener and a good collector of facts,” she says. “I had a colleague that is an introvert and she was probably one of the most efficient and innovative recruiters I’ve ever worked with. I think challenging [that] bias could bring a lot of innovation to the recruiting role.”

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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