Candidates will jump on a position when it’s available

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    Timothy Wade

    The concept of talent “pipelining” can be a little murky, so it’s unsurprising that some recruiters say their understanding of how to pipeline has changed a lot over the years.

    “I believed it was possible to build robust pipelines of passive candidates that are ready to begin working at the hiring firm’s convenience,” recalls Christopher Stabile, senior recruiter for project and development services at professional services firm JLL. “It is unrealistic to expect a candidate to wait until the time is right for us, but we can work on nourishing and growing our relationships with our network, and this will increase our chances of things working out when the time arises.”

    “I still have discussions with people who think proactive recruiting is about building pipelines for jobs that don’t exist, just in case that role does open!” agrees Allison O’Brien, head of people at Kin Insurance. “Proactive recruiting is having a solid, transparent process, with alignment on what we need for all involved in the process, so we can find talent quickly. It’s not building magical lists of people we can call when a job opens.”

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