A recruiter’s job is to “win” the right candidate for the company

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    Timothy Wade

    An unfortunate truth about recruiting is that sometimes, a candidate can be perfect for a role but the company isn’t perfect for the candidate. Aaron Kier, a strategic talent advisor and consultant, says he no longer tries to force a square peg into a round hole in these situations.

    “I believed our role was doing what was right for the company and trying to ‘win’ the candidate,” he says. “Now I’m a staunch and outspoken believer that our job is to do what’s right for the candidate, period (with integrity and transparency) and that the result of that approach will ultimately serve the company well.”

    As part of his new approach, Aaron emphasizes salary transparency wherever possible. He also tries to be open and honest about what day-to-day life at a company will be like.

    “Speaking honestly about culture, development potential, the role/team/expectations,” he says, “rather than putting too much gloss on the picture feels more important than ever.”

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