Communication in Project Management


Project Management SystemProject Managers will certainly spend a lot of their time communicating with many people, from team members to external suppliers, in a variety of ways. It is extremely important to consider all aspects of communication between these groups of people, as early as possible in the project, and recognise that it is not a one-way process. The dialogue will mean that conversations, problems and solution suggestions and conversation exchanges will evolve, as they unfold.

Communication can take many forms, be it phone calls, Whatsapp messages or emails. To be effective you need to consider not only the message you want to pass on but also the method for communicating. Many factors affect the success of each communication, including cultural influences, the mood and morale of members of the team, the method of communication chosen and the language used.

A project manager should consider a range of oral and written communication forms, including online Project Management collaboration which has been proven to have several advantages related to how knowledge is codified and how creativity is enhanced when online and how disparate and co-located teams are best combined and managed.

Online Project Management and collaboration requires specific practices to successfully introduce the application and to invite and manage interactions between team members. This is where system excels!