Automatically import & respond to your web contacts and potential clients. Manage Customer Relationships.

SEO'ed pages

We will have our world-leading SEO help every professional using our website with 3 web pages of optimised content.


Manage your own store in our multi-vender marketplace. Completely customisable sales, taxation and deliver options.

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Smart Contact Management

Taking your mission-critical customer support functions to the cloud lets you scale up and enable and manage remote work; fast. TheSMartWork.One’s more important than ever for businesses and remote teams to be able to communicate and collaborate effectively. To help you maintain business continuity in this time, we have huge standard options and winning marketing solutions constantly updated and available.

What everyone gets as standard

Contact Management

Complete CRM solution

Every Smart Worker needs wholly accessible and secure sales, marketing and customer service capabilities.

Shine at ANY job and NEVER miss a task or goal!

Introducing the integrated TheSmartWork.One Complete CRM solution.

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Project Management System

Integrated Project Management

Integrated project management is the collection of processes that ensure various elements of projects are properly coordinated.

It establishes and manages the involvement of all relevant stakeholders and resources, according to defined processes.

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...and much, much more!

Consistent and professional after-sales business and technical support, upto 3 SEO’ed webpages to highlight your products or services, automated contact form to CRM with personal email introduction, secure off-site & collaborative document storage, Knowledgebase, Forum, Social Media, Networking, and much, much more. Affordable and as standard!

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