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Are you working from home during Covid-19?

No1 in Google Search Engine Optimisation

Work from Home – Crypto, Web Design & No1 in Google SEOTim Wade’s mastery in highly competitive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) puts you at No1 in Google and professionally markets you across the web whilst you are working from home. Alongside providing high functionality in web design and development.

An expert in publicising your business at an affluent UK outdoor pursuits market through daily highly noticeable snowboarding Extreme Sports marketplace; quality, creativity and diligence producing the immediate introduction and identifying potential interest for both clients and sponsors high-value sales and lead generation. Feel free to contact Tim.

With a news and media outlet to advertise, market and publicise YOU. Build and realise your life’s dream on the web and in all the major Search Engines!

Connecting the “Smart Work” Home Workers

Covid-19 Work from Home has realised that never before in history, has a virus produced an online pandemic of home workers. Including a great proportion requiring online Contact, Customer Relationship and Project Management solutions that are largely automated, efficient and professional. COVID is fast becoming a lifestyle!!

Our online Contact & Customer Relationship Management and Project Management solution that offers everybody something very special!

Manage and organise YOUR entire world how you like; at your fingertips! With’s low cost and powerful Standard Membership Package!

Everybody is just one step away from:

  • Knowing ‘exactly’ where you are with anybody you may come into contact with: business life and your family and friends personal life.
  • Immediate access to your complete interactions and conversations with any contact; lookup business colleagues, customers, recruitment agencies, suppliers, etc and all of your family and friends; in seconds, from anywhere and on any device.
  • Making notes, add tasks, schedule calls and meetings. Even email your contacts directly from our system. Have any days scheduled task list just “automatically appear”.
  • Manage and delegate tasks within your own collaborative projects with anybody you like. Or just between your friends. With progress reports at your fingertips.
  • eRoom: Zoom Meetings & Webinars
  • Immediately view your ‘to-do’ task list with either a daily, weekly or monthly calendar.
  • And all IMMEDIATELY from your own personal control panel.

Price: Our “unlimited use” standard Home Worker Package offers a 1-month FREE trial and then it’s ONLY £3.99 per month!

Crypto Currencies & Trading

Trading in Crypto and Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Binance, Ethereum, Tether, XRP, and countless others? Or wanting to start? Let us guide you through the process. Crypto currencies are growing and growing and now, far from being the passed deep secrets of criminal activity on the dark web are now the in-thing in lucrative investments, secure banking, earning money, storing your money in Crypto Wallets (both online and offline in Hardware Crypto Wallets), and spending it at online retail outlets.

If you’d like more information and let us help you sort the good from the bad and guide you through legitimate opportunities and exchanges, kindly leave your name and email address in the “NWO – Secure Cryptocurrency Info” box to the right of this website. After a brief introduction to myself and our online services – I’ll personally steer you on your way – for free!

Now is the time to discover and learn more about Crypto Currencies, Trading and all the opportunities available to everybody, working from home or otherwise!

Submit News & Media

Supporting information and fun across all types of media from Journalism to Press Releases to Video offers exclusive web publishing, content modification, article proofreading and leading SEO services for those with unique content to submit news & media to publish on the Work from Home – Crypto, Web Design & No1 in Google SEO website.

Whether you are a newsroom journalist, an entrepreneur, businessman or woman wanting to submit a press release, or a Facebook Internet Marketer wanting a quality website to submit unique marketing content articles towards or canvas our private Business Networking membership – we have the perfect News & Media Package for you (comes with inclusive Contact, CRM & Project Management).

Business Networking

Join Tim Wade’s ever-growing Network of businesses, entrepreneurs and tradesmen/women

Networking and growing your network has always been a nurtured specialism of Tim Wade. New users are joining our Business Networking private membership areas on the website, on a daily basis. Check out our Business Networking Package (comes with the inclusive Contact, CRM & Project Management features of the Standard Home Worker package AND the features of the News & Media package).